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VMware Training Videos (DVD Live Lessons)

While some IT students prefer the written word for learning, some would much rather have access to IT video training, which is what these high quality VMware training videos offer. When it comes to VMware vSphere training, nothing can beat these Visualization Fundamentals LiveLessons presented by Bill Ferguson, Certified VMware trainer and best-selling writer. His VMware videos begin with the basics and core concepts of virtualization.

This specialized VMware video training then goes on to decipher vSphere concepts, networking, storage and management, followed by understanding and managing virtual machines. With eight complete lessons altogether, those going through this comprehensive DVD training course will come away with an extended knowledge of the ins and outs of virtualization needed to start a working, virtualized datacenter. The understanding you pick up, regarding vSphere, VMware in general, virtual machines and virtualization concepts, by learning from an actual person, will prove invaluable to your developing IT career.

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